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New sayings

No consciousness can fly any higher without elevating the ‘heavy’ lower self (ego), and this is done by minimizing the distance between the ‘ceilings’ (high consciousness) and the floor (the lower self). But If the distance will be too big, then the dense and heavy center of gravity of the ‘floor’ (instead of being pulled by the higher self) will pull to itself the ‘ceiling’ and so, cause it to crash.

In order for the lower self (ego) not to pull the higher self-down, it needs ne be light, weightless, and for that it needs to go through a process of ‘losing weight’. And as a person who wishes to lose weight must restrict his intake of food and eat low calorie foods – so the lower self must be restricted and limited by fixed boundaries.

A quote:

Saints and sages, thinkers and philosophers, priests and scientific inquirers have tried for centuries to understand the enigmatic nature of the human soul. They find man a paradoxical being; one capable of descent into the darkest abysses… and yet equally capable of ascent to the sublime heights of nobility. They discover two creatures within his breast—one related to the demons and the other related to the angels.” 

 —  Paul Brunton, The Secret Path


Whatever you do, never allow in yourself an entering of self-guilt and self-doubt. This two are like acid poured on naked skin, it will burn and destroy the more delicate and high chambers in oneself.

To give credit and backup yourself at times of attacks and shaming, (which shakes the very ground under your feet) – requires great inner strength and self-acceptance. To believe in who you are, and not to be swayed by external influences to turn against yourself, for there is no greater sin and crime against oneself then doing that.


There is no greater confrontation than between the lower and higher selves, the lower wins often, for he has got the power, where the higher self only has fines, purity and neutral consciousness, which are not even an opponent for the lower self.

But the higher self can be connected to higher forces that can hold him from above and will not let him fall. Without them (and of course without the lower powerful center of gravity) – he is as a puppet without strings attached.


People go crazy more often than we think, they can fall into a state of what could be called: poisoned state of being, or personal involvement or negative emotions. Here everything is upside down and ruling; it could be caused by being very offended by someone, or being in a rage about someone – here all the perspectives are lost and distorted, a loved one can become an enemy, a respected person will be disrespected, and someone we trust could become totally untrustworthy.

His evaluation about priorities and value are changed, for the worse. Here we will lose the ability to make a difference between good and bad.

He could be locked in this poisoned dunging for hours and even days.

And when he is out of this state – nothing is left, as though it was completely wiped out.


When you want to go up a level, life gets difficult.

It is like high wave in the sea; you can swim against the difficulty (positive vector), you can be swept by it (negative vector).

Or you can surf above it (neutral vector) – with it and on top of it, using its power to carry you to the shore.

The shore being the next level.

Women cheat about how beautiful they look, it is called: makeup.
And there is no protest against this misleading.
Everyone cooperates with this, pretending that it does not exist.
Why? Well, because it is still an accepted norm that women should sell themselves in order to be purchased by men.


Being a worldly known pianist or violinist, are no more than a very successful extension of technical abilities.
The only mastership is developing the dormant higher facilities, and thus, coming to be.

The known is but a narrow stripe in the unending spaces of the very influential unknown, on our life. There are two ways to cope with this limitation: one (the way of the human race) is to be based, and research, further the known. Another option (not used) is to shift the center of gravity to the unknown.


Abandonment of a partner in the middle of a relationship, is the cruelest act we can do to him/her.


Everything exists in levels. You could not change anything (in yourself), all you could do is go up a level.


The real consciousness warrior is like an old, sick, limping dog that carries himself on, not because but rather despite.


People from the level below will always be antagonistic to people from the level above. The only way those on the level above can deal with this antagonisem (or avoidance) is to be neutral. In fact, the strongest conformation for the one on the level above – is the antagonism of those on the level below.


You are where your mind is. And if your mind is nowhere, well then, this is where you are…


New age groups try to bring holiness to where you are, whereas the true way is to develop to the level where the holiness is.


People on a high level will be ignored by low level people. The real reason being that people on a high level has got a kind of ‘firewall’ protection which burns off anything from a lower level. It is like the sun which can burn the skin, and then, people from the level below has got no option but to restrict the territory of those who threaten (from their point of view) to burn them off, of course this restriction is done by them unconsciously, but those on a high level would register this passive aggressive attitude towards them – both consciously and unconsciously


We are fashioned by our roles, instead of fashioning our roles by who we are.


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